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Our Practitioners and Facilitators have a wealth of knowledge on all things health and wellness.

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Mindful Meditation by Helen Hart

Mindful Meditation by Helen Hart

Many people tell me they’d love to meditate but simply do not have the time. I put together this short five minute mindful meditation, because we’ve all got five minutes.

You can listen to this meditation absolutely anywhere (except while driving or in control of machinery).

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On the couch with…

On the couch with…

We are thrilled to bring you ‘On The Couch’. Each week we interview one of our practitioners allowing you to get to know us a little more.

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Are You Burnt Out?

Are You Burnt Out?

Psychotherapist & Counsellor Toni Jackson discusses the signs and symptoms of chronic stress, burnout, and what you can do about it.

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Happy, Rested Child?

Happy, Rested Child?

As a mum and I know that sometimes it can be difficult to get children to sleep.
That is why I am excited to share a great way to assist your child to be happy and make positive changes and get their brain to unwind and prepare for sleep.
To do this is really simple.

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Get in touch with us – Intro

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